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identiMetrics Newsletter & The Busiest

May 2022

The Busiest Ever

One thing that we have been noticing this past year is that we are the busiest that we have ever been. We are super thankful to all of you for helping us achieve being the busiest ever.

Customers are starting to schedule appointments months in advance. New friends who are trying to make sure that they get everything up and running before the next school year are booking appointments in June and July. We've seen some appointments scheduled for August already!

Get ahead of the curve NOW. Make sure that you have everything that you need to make next year a success NOW. If you are thinking about purchasing new things, - DO IT. If you need new scanners - GET THEM. If you need to run the End-of-Year - RUN IT. If you need help with something - REACH OUT.

We've got plenty of time to help you out now and during the early summer. Even if you don't know what you need, you can call us and we can help you figure it out. 

Spring also means the end of the school year is near. That means a well-deserved break. Enjoy some time off. Get a breath of fresh air (hopefully with not too much pollen in it).

Weirdness Again?

One of my favorite things to do this past year was sending random facts to anybody who requested them including hilarious jokes and other weirdness. I want to do that again because I liked it so much. If you want me to send you some weird information or a silly, clean meme, just reply back with, "I like weirdness. Email me something weird!"

Here is a tiny sample of information that I shared before: 

  • Australia is wider than the moon. 
  • The snake's favorite subject is hissssstory. 
  • It's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because they are social animals. 
  • A Cat Haiku: 

    In the morning light,

    You sleep despite my meow. 

    I stand on your face. 


identiMetrics Haiku

Why is it busy

as a beaver? Are other

creatures all lazy?

Until next month... 

Matthew J. Heayn, 
Customer Support Manager & Busy Beaver?
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